The German Institute of Hearing Aids has available an extensive selection of equipment for all areas of acoustic and vibroacoustic measurement technology. Our facilities comprise for example:

  • Full anechoic chambers
  • Diffuse field chamber with sound pressure levels up to 140 dB SPL
  • Auditory booths
  • Large listening room with multichannel loudspeaker setup
  • Lab measurement setups with anechoic test boxes
  • Access to database of test subjects with and without hearing loss
  • Access to a large selection of state-of-the-art hearing aids from all manufacturers
  • 3D printing of earmolds and other prototype parts


electromagnetically shielded

Anechoic chambers

Two identical full anechoic and electromagnetically shielded measurement chambers. The laboratories are mainly used for our testing applications, but are also used in research applications.

Testing hearing protectors

Diffuse field chamber

Suitable for testing hearing protection in the diffuse field according to ISA 4869-1:2018, as well as hearing aids as hearing protectors in high-noise environments according to DGUV 312-002. Levels up to 140 dB SPL can be generated without distortion.

Free field audiometry

Auditory booths

Two identical acoustically optimized auditory booths. A high insulation of environmental sounds is achieved by room-in-room isolation, making the chambers usable for free-field audiometry with normal hearing subjects. These laboratories are mainly used for research.

Multi-channel loudspeaker setup

Large listening room

Large acoustically treated listening room with multi-channel loudspeaker setup. This laboratory is mainly used for research.

Studies with test subjects

Database of hearing aids and subjects

We have access to a database of normal-hearing and hearing impaired subjects, as well as a selection of current hearing aids of all manufacturers.

Custom earmolds


We have access to a modern DLP 3D printer for manufacturing individualized earpieces or other special parts.

laboratory work places

Acoustic test boxes

Two measurement setups with anechoic test boxes, for measurements without special demands on the sound field.