International basic standard

The standard IEC 60118-0 entitled  "Electroacoustics – Hearing aids – Part 0: Measurement of the performance characteristics of hearing aids" is the underlying standard for technical characterization and testing of hearing aids. For a potential worldwide usability, test reports for this standard are created exclusively in English and receive the ILAC signet besides the DAkkS and the ZLG signets.

Application form

Testing according to chapter 7

Scope of testing

Regular testing comprises all measurements from chapter 7 of IEC 60118-0:

  • OSPL90-response curve
  • Full on gain amplification response curve
  • Normal acoustic response curve
  • Total harmonic distortion
  • Equivalent input noise
  • Battery current
  • Measurements in hearing aids with telecoil

Contact us in case you require optional test procedures according to chapter 9 of IEC 60118-0.


Package option

Combination with type testing

Within type testing of hearing aids, test procedures according to IEC 60118-0 are conducted. Therefore, it is possible to request testing according to IEC 60118-0 not only separately, but in combination with type testing. This is only a limited overhead, such that the combination saves effort, time and money.