YearSurname, first nameAc. degreeTitle
2022Weiß, RobinBScListening effort during speech perception in relation to the SNR with and without transparent hearing aids
2022Wiederschein, LucaBScInfluence of a hearing aid on speech perception in normal-hearing adults
2021Hilgerdenaar, WiebkeMScEvaluation of Impulse Noise Reduction in Hearing Aids
2021Odenwald, NilsMScConstruction and testing of a measuring probe for recording the individual acoustic properties of the human ear
2021Jürgensen, LukasMScObjective Evaluation of Active Occlusion Cancellation in Hearing Devices
2021Kohlhauer, PhilippMScEvaluation of a concept of a vibro-acoustic coupler for eardrum contact transducers
2021Jäger, LarissaMScEvaluation of Signal Processing in Hearing Aids in a Dynamic Listening Situation
2021Karl, JohannaBScInvestigation of the influence of pitch and speed of synthetic speech on intelligibility of the Freiburg monosyllabic speech test
2021Flocken, HellaBScComparison of two setups for evaluating wind noise suppression in hearing aids
2021Hieke, ThomasBScOcclusion- and coupling effects in different earmould designs
2021Miethling, FlorianBScSpeech Intelligibility in spatial listening scenarios in normal-hearing listeners with and without hearing aids
2021Jürgensen, Lukas(internship)Comparison of an open source hearing aid prototype with commercially available hearing aids
2021Hilgerdenaar, Wiebke(internship)Evaluation of impulse noise reduction in hearing aids
2021Järger, Larissa(internship)Evaluation of noise reduction algorithms in hearing aids in multi-talker conversations
2021Kohlhauer, Philipp(internship)Development of a measurement setup for the transmission behavior of a Hearing Contact Lens
2021Odenwald, Nils(internship)Determination of the source parameters of a balanced-armature driver for modelling the individual sound propagation in the human ear canal
2020Falta, FenjaMScGeneration of a noise signal adapted to a speech signal in the time and
frequency domain
2020Herrmann, JessicaBScInvestigation of the influence of hearing aids on the sound exposure
2020Schumacher, PeterBScComparison of the phase inversion method and ACALES for the evaluation
of noise reduction in hearing aids
2020Reinhold, ManuelBScInvestigation of a measurement method for the assessment of wind noise suppression in hearing aids
2020Schwarz, ThomasBScBScExamination of a synthetic voice for the Freiburg monosyllabic speech test
2020Simon, Lisa-MarieBScComparison of air conduction audiometry with pure tones for different
transducers in the context of hearing aid fitting
2020Langhof, LauraBScComparison of technical and subjective SNR improvement by noise reduction in hearing aids
2020Kreyenhagen, JannineDiploma (AEA)Application of a standardized method for the evaluation of noise suppression in hearing aids
2020Goicke, Stefanie(internship)Evaluation of impulse sound suppression in hearing aids
2019Wollermann, SimoneMScTemporal Threshold Determination for Subjective Speech Detection
2019von Holten, DanielMScEvaluation of Speech Quality Impairment due to Feedback Reduction
2019Jäger, LarissaBScEvaluation of direction-dependent reference speech intelligibility curves for the Freiburg monosyllabic speech test in noise
2019Jürgensen, LukasBScExamination of the configurable Hearing Aid Channels
2018Bank, Daniel(internship)Duration Threshold for Identifying Sound Samples of Elderly Hearing Impaired
2018Schinnerl, Mario(internship)Procedure with self Adjustment to measure the minimum Time needed for Identifying Sound Samples
2018Wrage, AlinaMScAnalysis of Three-Dimensional Ear Canal Geometries and Their Transformation into a Sequence of Segments
2018Arlt, RobertBScEvaluation of a compact measurement setup to analyse the directivity of hearing aids
2018Griepentrog, SebastianBScComparison of the individual benefit of a wireless remote microphone
system (WRMS) in the laboratory with the situation in a classroom
2018Johannsen, LeifBScExamination of microphone directivity of hearing aids in situations with multiple signal sources
2018Kemper, MarkusBScExamination of a procedure for verifying the functionality of feedback reductions in hearing aids
2018Kienitz, NikolaiBScEvaluation of a noise reduction in hearing aids with a signal separation in the frequency domain
2018Niehaus, JanoschBScImpact of various hearing aid features on the hearing protection of an earmold with a hearing aid
2018Speck, SimonBScComparison of the phase inversion method and the percentile analysis to test
the functionality of noise reduction systems in hearing aids
2017Giesecke, HendrikBScEvaluation of wireless remote microphone systems in a classroom situation
2017Kuttner, MarkusBScQuantitative Determination of Signal-to-Noise Ratio by Percentile Analysis
2017Kahl, SimonBScAssessment of independant hearing aid channels in multi-channel signal processing
2017Müller, StephanBScResponse times to Freiburg monosyllabic Speech Test
2017Frenz, MarlittMScExamination of noise reduction algorithms and microphone directivity of hearing aids
2016Wiggers, AnneBScMetrological evidence of the multi-channel technology of hearing aids
2016Schröder, JosefBScInsulation of noise protection custom shell with hearing aid for different adjustments
2016Gansel, VincentBScEvaluation of wireless remote microphone systems in a clinic
2016Fitschen, ChristinaBScComparison of the individual benefit of a wireless remote microphone
system (WRMS) in the laboratory
2016Hanitzsch, OliverBScExamination of the phase inversion method as an evaluation of noise reduction algorithms in hearing aids
2015Steinhauer, JuliaBScEvaluation of a method to measure the individual benefit of a wireless remote microphone system
2015Schmidt, Marieke SophieBScExamination of subjective and objective methods to evaluate the listening effort
2015Scharata, FranziskaBScExamination of the SPL-difference within the test material of the Freiburg monosyllable test
2015Schulze, BastianBScComparison of the enhanced digit test and the Freiburg monosyllable test
2014Wellnitz, MarenBScExamination of new measurement signals to evaluate the output limiter of hearing aids
2011Niessen, Salome v.BScCategorial loudness scaling with band pass filtered ISTS
2010Saile, ThorstenBScTarget auditory area in hearing aid fitting using percentiles
2010Harries, TillmannBScExamination of hearing aids with the percentile analysis